Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BikeVinyl.com Product and Customer Service Review

My husband has recently purchased a new motorcycle and wanted to get a "Punisher" themed decal for it. He went to google to find a website that could produce the decal he wanted. He found Bike Vinyl. We emailed the company asking various questions and they promptly replied, which made me feel more comfortable about ordering from them. The sales department created a mock copy of the decal that my husband wanted. We bought it that night. That was on September 22, 2010. A few weeks passed by and I emailed the company again asking for an update of the order. I received no reply until I emailed them again. Finally received a reply and was informed that my order had already been shipped by USPS and there was not a tracking number available.  I wrote back explaining that we had not received our order and that I would like some sort of comfirmation that the order had been sent. He gave me the address that he sent it to and it was incorrect, I informed him of that. He then said that, that was the address that I had put in my account. So, what do I do? I go check my account, it was NOT the address that I put in. He then said that he would resend my order that Monday, did he? Nope! He always said that he would update me with a tracking number, did he? Nope! I emailed him AGAIN in the beginning of November 2010 asking where my order was. He informed me that he shipped it a week prior. I asked him for tracking number, like he promised. He said he does not get tracking numbers. I asked him for some sort of confirmation, he said he only had pictures of the item packed. I asked for those pictures. He never sent them to me. About a week later, we received the decal, only after harrassing him for our money back or the decal. He sent it on November 8th.

I personally do not think that he ever sent our order out to begin with, I think he was trying to pocket our money and realized that I was not about to leave him alone until we got one or the other.

It was not a pleasure doing business with this company. I will NEVER do business with this company and I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone. 


  1. There was a comment on here about this post, saying I was full of it. I deleted it. Uncalled for. This was "MY" personal experience with them. Therefore it might not be the experience you've had with them.

  2. I have got kit's from them in the past and never had a issue. You can do 1 of 2 things , wait a little longer , OR pay 2x the price with someone else. I wanted a replica kit of my CBR , Honda wanted 160.00 each side , bikevinyl.com did it for 80.00 the full set .

  3. That's all fine and dandy. We went to him because of his prices, but we should not have had this type of issue. It was uncalled for and bad business.

    Other people might have great experiences, while others, like myself and quite a few I've found by by using Google have had.

    Again, this was my experience. And because of it I will never order from him again, and maybe my post will help others avoid such an issue.