Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BikeVinyl.com Product and Customer Service Review

My husband has recently purchased a new motorcycle and wanted to get a "Punisher" themed decal for it. He went to google to find a website that could produce the decal he wanted. He found Bike Vinyl. We emailed the company asking various questions and they promptly replied, which made me feel more comfortable about ordering from them. The sales department created a mock copy of the decal that my husband wanted. We bought it that night. That was on September 22, 2010. A few weeks passed by and I emailed the company again asking for an update of the order. I received no reply until I emailed them again. Finally received a reply and was informed that my order had already been shipped by USPS and there was not a tracking number available.  I wrote back explaining that we had not received our order and that I would like some sort of comfirmation that the order had been sent. He gave me the address that he sent it to and it was incorrect, I informed him of that. He then said that, that was the address that I had put in my account. So, what do I do? I go check my account, it was NOT the address that I put in. He then said that he would resend my order that Monday, did he? Nope! He always said that he would update me with a tracking number, did he? Nope! I emailed him AGAIN in the beginning of November 2010 asking where my order was. He informed me that he shipped it a week prior. I asked him for tracking number, like he promised. He said he does not get tracking numbers. I asked him for some sort of confirmation, he said he only had pictures of the item packed. I asked for those pictures. He never sent them to me. About a week later, we received the decal, only after harrassing him for our money back or the decal. He sent it on November 8th.

I personally do not think that he ever sent our order out to begin with, I think he was trying to pocket our money and realized that I was not about to leave him alone until we got one or the other.

It was not a pleasure doing business with this company. I will NEVER do business with this company and I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Luggage.com Product Review

In this post I mentioned about doing a product review. Well, it has become that time! I received my product on November 12th, I ordered it on November 10th, pretty quick shipping! That's always a bonus!

I ordered his pirate backpack for my son Xavier. I'm always looking for new ways to organize when we go on day trips! This backpack has a TON of pockets, which is so awesome. I'm always looking for pockets! I love the design of the backpack as well, also the inside of the straps are soft! The straps are also adjustable too! All the zippers zip perfectly, they don't get caught on any inside material, like most backpacks! Also, this backpack holds quite a bit, I was impressed!

Here are some pictures: 

I really like this bag and so does my son, which is the most important part! This is way cooler than carrying a diaper bag around! I ♥ it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Product Review Appearing Soon!

I was contacted last week from the awesome people at CSN Stores and they offered me a great opportunity to review a piece of children's luggage that is available on their site! In case you have not heard of CSN Stores, here's a little recap of what they are all about. They have over 200 (yes that's right 200!!!) stores where you can find anything, and I do mean ANYTHING. Where else can you purchase awesome children's luggage, stylish home decor as well as a Kurgo Skybox Pet Booster Seat? Nowhere else except a CSN Store of course!

I have been browsing their children's luggage items since being notified! I must admit I am excited to be able to review such an item! Packing for a child not only is time consuming but there truly is not enough space in my duffle bag for his stuff as well! Getting my son his very own piece of luggage will give me the ability to pack more of my stuff as well as being able to keep his items more organized! I am really interested in the Mercury Luggage Going to Grandma's Children's 16" Wheeled Upright Suitcase! My son has recently started to LOVE trains so this is perfect, not to mention the handle to wheel it around! I will continue to look around their children's luggage area to fully make up my mind, who knows I might find another piece that tickles my fancy! :)

Come back soon for the review and of course pictures! :)