Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Quick Craft

So, I have a million and one (okay, maybe not that many) vases, so the other day I decided to etch one of them...nothing else to do that day. So...after etching it, I was running through different ideas. I hit up the store and got some pretties to put in the vase and the vase now has a permanent home! :) I am happy with it!

Product Review of Glade Tough Odor Solutions Fabric & Air Spray

Well, I've decided that once a week I'd do product reviews of items that I like and find useful.

Last night I purchased Glade; Tough Odor Solutions Fabric & Air Spray. I have three animals in my house all the time so you can imagine the animal smell that my home has. lol For a while now I've been using Febreze...while it does have a nice refreshing scent, I've found that the scent doesn't stay long and I will go through a $4.97 bottle rather quickly....too quickly.

So, while at the store, I found this New Glade product and I must say that I ♥ it! The scent is wonderful and it actually sticks around for a bit! I sprayed it this morning and when I walked into my house this afternoon the smell was delightfully there!