Monday, February 28, 2011

CSN Product Review #2

I was contacted by the CSN promo team to do another review. I really do like this company, they are great! Their products are amazing and the customer service is awesome, not to mention shipping, I've always received my items earlier than the predicted arrival date. In case you have not heard of CSN Stores, here's a little recap of what they are all about. They have over 200 (yes that's right 200!!!) stores where you can find anything, and I do mean ANYTHING. Where else can you purchase swingsets, stylish home decor as well as a Kurgo Skybox Pet Booster Seat? Nowhere else except a CSN Store of course!

I have been browsing their items since being notified! I must admit I am excited to be able to review an item!
Come back soon for the review and of course pictures! :)