Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mugs

We wanted to do something for the guys my husband works with. I came up with the idea of a mug with chocolate dipped pretzels, hot chocolate cones and a dipped chocolate covered spoon. He then made it more elaborate and wanted the mugs etched with the company name and then person's name. Also, he wanted to add miniature alcohol bottles (the size you get on a flight)! So I did that all! lol Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!


I saw a blog the other day where the owner made some pretty nifty EAT letters to go in her kitchen. For the life of me I cannot find that blog again! I searched and searched only to end up empty handed. So, if by chance the owner of that blog sees this post, please let me know so I can link you! :)

Anyways, yesterday I went to Michael's and bought some of the large letters. I got the white coated ones! I painted them last night black and then sanded them all over to give them sort of a rustic, warn down appearance. I then covered them in Mod Podge to give them a glossy coat! :D I really like them! They are already hanging up in my dining room! :) I am trying to decide as to whether or not buy some more letters or make some sort of decoration for the other side of the wall. Any and all ideas are welcome!

Thanks for looking, comments are welcome as well! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Santa....

A friend of mine, Crystal, asked me to make her son, Aidan, a card from Santa. So, I sat on it for a few days coming up with different ideas. I was finally able to decide on something and the good news is she loved it!!! She also asked me hand write a letter from Santa in the card!

Simply Divine

I must really have the Christmas itch. I am coming up with all these creative ideas! LOL This new creation that I made on Saturday, it took about an hour! Not too bad, eh, not for something this awesome looking! I painted everything myself, added some glitter, some 'snow', some trees. :) And I love it!! Oh, not to mention it only cost a total of $8.39 to make!!

Christmas Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath that matched our Christmas colors. I thought about making a traditional one, but this time around I did a yarn one. I am considering making a traditional one as stay tuned in!

Here's the wreath I made:

It's Beginning To Look.....

a lot like Christmas! Yes, yes it is! The weather here is finally cooling down and the sun is hidden...which I love. Some people think I am strange for hating the summer and loving the winter, but I hate the sun, I love the dreary type of weather that require sweaters and scarves and a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate! To me, I can have this nearly all year long. :)

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good, I hope! My family came into town and we had a really good time! It was nice seeing them and my niece and nephew!

Now, it's Christmas time!!!! YAY! I attempted to convince John to get a real Christmas tree...I saw some and they were so gorgeous...but he turned my idea down. :( Pooey, maybe one of these days I can have a real tree in here for Christmas. But, our famous long living fake tree is serving our household proudly this year again. It looks great so I can't complain!

Our colors are silver, blue and white. I just love those colors. I am not a big fan of the traditional red and green...I don't know why.Oh, yeah and we also have our Yoda tree topper! A Christmas tree is not complete until you've got Yoda sitting on top! lol

Here is my tree! :)