Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Beginning To Look.....

a lot like Christmas! Yes, yes it is! The weather here is finally cooling down and the sun is hidden...which I love. Some people think I am strange for hating the summer and loving the winter, but I hate the sun, I love the dreary type of weather that require sweaters and scarves and a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate! To me, I can have this nearly all year long. :)

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good, I hope! My family came into town and we had a really good time! It was nice seeing them and my niece and nephew!

Now, it's Christmas time!!!! YAY! I attempted to convince John to get a real Christmas tree...I saw some and they were so gorgeous...but he turned my idea down. :( Pooey, maybe one of these days I can have a real tree in here for Christmas. But, our famous long living fake tree is serving our household proudly this year again. It looks great so I can't complain!

Our colors are silver, blue and white. I just love those colors. I am not a big fan of the traditional red and green...I don't know why.Oh, yeah and we also have our Yoda tree topper! A Christmas tree is not complete until you've got Yoda sitting on top! lol

Here is my tree! :)

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  1. I don't like the summer either. I love peppermint hot chocolate too.