Friday, February 19, 2010

Easter Egg SVG

So, with Easter only about a month away I decided that I wanted to make cards, maybe kind of like a post card, where the card didn't actually open up. So, I found this easter egg, by searching google images. I made an SVG file out of it. :)

Last month I got chosen to host a "Potty Training" house party by What you do is pick a party that you are interested in hosting and fill out the little application that they have and then after a few weeks they will let you know if you got chosen to host. Then you invite your guests and you get the party package from the company that includes the items to give away to your guests.

This weekend is my party, tomorrow infact. I am excited. :) Anyways, I got my box from the company that included a bunch of stuff to give to the guests. So, I went to Wal*Mart and got 10 brown gift bags for $5.00, pretty good price. So, then I went home and took the companies logo and made a cut file for it to use on my Cricut so I go spice the bags up a bit. Here's the logo:

And here are the bags that I put together. I also used some curling ribbon and I cut tags for the bags to put each of the ladie's name on them.

And here is a closeup of the bags:


Then I decided to make a potty chart for each of the children attending the party. Thought it would be a nice personal touch. :)